July 30, 2013

Exactly how I'm Sensation.

A busy week of blogging has kept me distracted somewhat but it is getting increasingly difficult to ignore the spreading heat and tingles of need in my sex, particularly around my poor denied, chaste, throbbing pierced clit.

The sparkling diamante end of the barbell rubs against my erect clit as I walk, as I sit, as I do anything.A constant reminder of my need and growing urgency to climax.

A week today since my last orgasm, I havent been chaste this long in.years.

My lovely friends have all enjoyed teasing me and to tell the truth, I have been rather enjoying it, in an entirely perverted, masochistic way! There is something to be said for anticipation rather than instant gratification.A teasing build .

o much pressure on yourself to find the love of your life right now, and treat dating as both a fun activity and a learning opportunity.The more people you date, the more youre going to learn about yourself and what type of person you want to eventually be with.Youre learning both who you are, and who you want to date.(And, lets face it: The research is pretty fun.Written b.

subtle spices and isn’t at all over bearing, suitable for both male and females, androgynous.

Alex placed the massager on my back set to continuous vibration he glided it over my back it’s transition made smooth by the traces of oil on my skin. It felt like a firm vibration hand running over me, ironing out those knots and relaxing my muscles. I’ve never had oils massaged in to my skin by a vibrating toy before, it began to arouse me. Make me feel a little bit naughty. I ground my pubis in to the bed as he rolled it over me, I don’t think he noticed.

The aroma from the Delight massage oil wafted under my nose adding to the moment and peaking my senses. Finally Alex pressed the button to pulse and traced a line up my spine and it make my hair stand on end, it felt so good. When the vibration stopped I felt a little disappointed but I accepted that all good things have to come to an end.

Or do they…

Alex went to the bathroom to wash his hands and I reached over to his side of the bed to retrieve the massager. I took a piece of tissue and wiped the residue oil from the massager and then slipped it under the covers…

This is an exquisite sensual gift that you give to your lover but is actually for you both.Stylishly presented and simply to use it enhances foreplay, encourages relaxation and allows you to explore the sensual aspects of sexual stimulation.

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We skip a person

And suddenly she was there, enveloping me into her flesh, on to her breasts and pressing me against them she was all scent and femininity and reassurance.I curled in around her, foetal yet innately animalistic, our breaths deepening as the silence between us spoke volumes.Her arms were one around my waist to press and stroke my back and the other with fingers entangled in my hair, binding me to her tightly with a caring grip.s time went by my fingers dared to travel between the fabric folds of her clothing and underneath to seek out the warm, soft skin beneath.My finger pads stroking in circles, moving from comfort to a touch of sexual need.o:p>I dared to dream to put my mouth to her neck where my face lay against her, feeling her pulse a.

Usual charming self, shaking the offender's hand and gazing deeply and meaningfully into the eyes of the world (probably).want him to say something, or would you be all, "Baby can handle it herself and don't even think about putting her in a corner"? Personally, I'm pretty anti-fistfights and other pissing contests amongst men, over women or anything else, but I'm also pretty anti-rand.

hand started to resonate with the vibe’s hum. I pressed the head against my pussy, enjoying the feeling of my clit and lips being enveloped by the wide head.

Everything started to pulse and swell as the LUV got to work on my cunt and a feeling of warmth and well being wrapped me in it’s pleasure. My temperature seemed to elevate with the flush of sexual arousal, this felt so good.

I wanted more and new that this vibrator could deliver.? Tilting the head so the tip of the heart pushed against my clit I started to massage my pink nub in a circular motion. OMG!? The feeling was…I would like to say awesome but I feel that word is so over used. But yes, it was just that.

As I rhythmically rubbed one out with the LUV my toes started to curl, my heart race and my temperature rocket, orgasm was imminent. My clit was tingling as I writhed under my own administrations. Every last remnant of tension released from my body along with my orgasm.

"Fuck, oh fuck!” I exclaimed as my body twitched and jerked, then came to rest in the middle of the bed.

This vibrator is purporting to be a "massager” but I know better, you would enjoy the charms of the LUV weather you are a seasoned pro or a sex toy newbie because you use it as you like. Next time I’m going to give it a try as a shallow internal vibrator, so many ways to play. Go explore with the Rocks Off LUV.

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